Avance takes valuation a step further. Our combination of financial and industry expertise along with a broad experience will ensure your success in licensing, M&A, investing, and strategic decision taking.

You can either contract with Avance or you can license our valuation software. We also offer market research with our industry reports.


Basel April 7/8, 2014
License Contract and Company Valuation - Workshop in Basel, Switzerland.

Latest Newsletter

Newsletter 27 about Alzheimer Deal Terms

Latest Publications

Deal Terms in Alzheimer's Disease 2000 - 2014
Report by Avance on deal terms and sales assumptions of Alzheimer Deals.

Article in Les Nouvelles
How to determine fair license terms

Survey on Discount Rates in Biotech
What discount rates do professionals use in the biotech industry?

Tax Effect on Biotech Companies
Peer-reviewed article in the Journal of business valuation and economic loss about the quantification of taxes for early-stage companies.

3rd Edition of "Valuation in Life Sciences"
The industry reference book, completely revised and extended.

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