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Corporate Structure

Avance is a company specialised in valuation in life sciences located in Basel, Switzerland. The company serves a wide range of clients around the globe including biotechs, big pharma, hedge funds, investors, banks, and technology transfer offices. Our main lines of business are consulting, valuation software, and education.

We work in close collaboration with external advisors in the field of market forecasting, clinical trials, and regulatory affairs.


We stand for fast and outstanding work. Our corporate philosophy is to go new ways and not to follow the herd. We will rather elaborate a new model than use a compromise not meeting the client’s needs. Our clients rely on our timelines and our availability 24/7. We will not let them down, even in the busiest time.

It is our goal to professionalize valuation in the life sciences industry, even if not all companies use our services. In that perspective we publish many of our insights in our wide-spread newsletter. A detailed summary and description of our approach is published in the industry reference book "Valuation in Life Sciences. A Practical Guide".



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