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Engage with Avance at Different Levels

Avance has worked with many clients in various forms:

>  Financial Valuation Consultation
>  Training and Workshops
>  Due Diligence

Financial Valuation

Avance has performed hundreds of valuations over the past years ranging from fundraising early stage biotech companies to structuring deals with top line values close to a billion US$ to structuring investment funds. The experience and the data we have gathered in our work are the basis of our mandates ensuring the success of our clients.

Clients always have access to our team. Those who have worked with us can call or write us for questions without being charged for the time.

The knowledge and experience gained from developing ri:val, the leading valuation tool for biotech, big pharma and investors, allows us to work quickly and cost-effectively. We pass those efficiencies to our clients. We can accomplish in days what other consultancies do in weeks.

Working with us will make you profit from:

  • Permanent access to thought leadership in valuation;
  • Huge data collection of valuation financials;
  • Valuation tools designed by us for the life science industry;
  • Time and cost effective work, and;
  • Flexible fee structures.

If you want to learn more about how we can work together, contact for a quote or more information.

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Training and Workshops

Our training programs and workshops are designed to teach you all we know about valuation. We assure that your time will be well spent. What you learn will always be applicable in Excel, so you can immediately profit from the course.

Our training is:

  • Designed to be used in Excel.
  • Based on case studies.
  • Interactive in structure.

If you have any training needs, please contact

Dates for our open enrollment courses can be found in the training section on workshops.

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Due Diligence

High level due diligence is generally very expensive. However, our proven methods and tools allow us to offer these services within reasonable cost structures and timeframes. We partner with MWB Consulting, a highly experienced team in clinical, regulatory, and financials.

Our work is dedicated to be:

  • Highest quality.
  • Based on developing and launching numerous drugs.
  • Affordable for young companies and investors.
  • Fast and uncomplicated.

For more information or a quote, please contact or visit

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