Pipeline Reviews and Valuations

Our expertise in financial valuation, pharmaceutical medicine and science combined with our strategic partners specialized in drug development, legal, regulatory affairs, and sales forecasting opens the door to a comprehensive and sound review of your pipeline. The results will help you to take the right decisions for the future.

Based on the interviews of key people in the company we elaborate together with our experts the input parameters, development, and market scenarios that enter the valuation. We then put together a set of recommendations for the development and approval process.

We discuss the initial results with the company management and define the final set of assumptions for the pipeline valuation. We then prepare the report that can be used to justify the decisions in front of the board of directors and investors.

  1. Value of each project scenario
  2. Value of pipeline
  3. Risk profile of pipeline
  4. Sales forecasts of each project (worst case, base case, best case)
  5. Value development of each project
  6. Value development of the pipeline
  7. Scenario analysis


  • Recommendations for development plans
  • Recommendations for regulatory approval strategy
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