Evalueserve x Avance collaboration

Now is the time for biopharma companies to optimise licensing strategies, to cash-in on the post Covid Licensing boom. 9 Licensing collaborations announced just on Day 1 at JPM which follow more than $9 billion up-front licensing payments in 2021 and we have identified the recurring success components in most of these deals.

Evaluserve’s AI-powered (3 step )Licensing Program has teamed forces with Swiss based Valuation & Deal crafting experts “Avance” – to ensure our biotech clients incorporate these success components in their licensing bids & craft winning deal terms.

We are currently working with a few “live” clinically & commercially promising assets across key therapy areas. Get in touch with me to check if these assets are a good target for your in/out licensing objectives as well as to learn about the key elements needed for successful licensing deals in the post-covid pharma world.

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